A Drive Thru Tree


In the small northern California town of Leggett, there is a tree called the Chandelier Tree that you can actually drive your car through. It's 315 feet tall and 2,400 years old! We took a detour from our road trip to check it out because I love attractions like this.

I chickened out and didn't actually want to drive through it for fear of getting our car stuck, but I saw other (smaller) cars get through it easily. I inspected the tree on foot instead and saw lots of scratches on the inside of it from other cars who scraped their way through.

The tree is in a park with a lake and lots of woods to explore. We didn't have time to check out much more than the tree and the gift shop because we had somewhere to be, but maybe next time we're up this way we'll get a chance to go on a hike or have a picnic. 

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  1. I did that when I was a kid in my family's Camry. I've always wondered if it's still possible since many cars have become much larger these days. What a fun tourist stop!


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