Camping in Crescent City


Oh road trips, how I love you. This summer has been full of them so far, and we're only halfway through June.

The first one was to a wedding in eastern Washington (Jeff and I were both in the bridal party). We decided to take our time driving up and camped glamped* along the way. The first night, we stayed at a KOA in Crescent City. We upgraded our tent site to a cabin site when we realized how cold it was that night. Our cabin was nice and cozy and had a bed, bunk beds, and even a heater.

The campsite had some goats and chickens. Stan didn't really know what to do, especially since the chickens ran up to him. We hope to get chickens soon for our backyard.

 Our little cabin!

 Wolf print curtains, duh! What else would you want for a cabin in the woods?

When we got up the next morning, I opened the car to start loading up. Stanley jumped into the back of the car and waited until we were ready to go. I guess he's not even a fan of glamping, that spoiled dog.

That hair...

*glamping: (n.) portmanteau of glamorous camping, which is the kind of Jeff prefers to do. 


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