A Drive Thru Tree


In the small northern California town of Leggett, there is a tree called the Chandelier Tree that you can actually drive your car through. It's 315 feet tall and 2,400 years old! We took a detour from our road trip to check it out because I love attractions like this.

I chickened out and didn't actually want to drive through it for fear of getting our car stuck, but I saw other (smaller) cars get through it easily. I inspected the tree on foot instead and saw lots of scratches on the inside of it from other cars who scraped their way through.

The tree is in a park with a lake and lots of woods to explore. We didn't have time to check out much more than the tree and the gift shop because we had somewhere to be, but maybe next time we're up this way we'll get a chance to go on a hike or have a picnic. 

Camping in Crescent City


Oh road trips, how I love you. This summer has been full of them so far, and we're only halfway through June.

The first one was to a wedding in eastern Washington (Jeff and I were both in the bridal party). We decided to take our time driving up and camped glamped* along the way. The first night, we stayed at a KOA in Crescent City. We upgraded our tent site to a cabin site when we realized how cold it was that night. Our cabin was nice and cozy and had a bed, bunk beds, and even a heater.

The campsite had some goats and chickens. Stan didn't really know what to do, especially since the chickens ran up to him. We hope to get chickens soon for our backyard.

 Our little cabin!

 Wolf print curtains, duh! What else would you want for a cabin in the woods?

When we got up the next morning, I opened the car to start loading up. Stanley jumped into the back of the car and waited until we were ready to go. I guess he's not even a fan of glamping, that spoiled dog.

That hair...

*glamping: (n.) portmanteau of glamorous camping, which is the kind of Jeff prefers to do. 

AIDS/Lifecycle 2013 Fundraiser...and we're off!


Those of you who know us know that we can be pretty impulsive. Like that one time we bought the first house we saw or that other time we went to Hong Kong to buy a hockey stick for Jeff (okay that wasn't the whole reason...I wanted egg tarts, too). Once we have an idea in our heads, it's bound to happen.

So when our cousin Tommy told us he last Christmas that he was going to ride in the AIDS/Lifecycle, Jeff immediately wanted to do it too. The ride starts in SF and goes 545 miles to LA over the first week in June. It sounded like fun and it's for a great cause. I think Jeff signed up that very night. They each had to raise $3,000 to participate, so several weeks ago we threw a fundraising barbecue and silent auction to raise money. When we went to the orientation, I signed up to be a Roadie on the ride because it actually sounded like a great time and I wanted to hang out with Jeff after his riding was over for the day.

Friends and family generously donated their time and money to help Jeff reach his goal. People gave stuff to put in gift baskets, the food for the BBQ was donated, and everyone who came made a donation to Jeff's ride. Some of the stuff we auctioned off: a basket of fresh produce from my sister's boyfriend's veggie garden, a year supply of my Mom's salsa, a red velvet cake, and several fun gift baskets.

Since Christmas, Jeff and Tommy have been training and fundraising to prepare for the AIDS/Lifecycle. They each met their fundraising goals and by the time you all read this, the ride will have left the Cow Palace and the riders will be on their way to LA. We'll be camping in different cities each night.

If you want to follow us on the ride, I will try my best to post photos on my Instagram account (instagram.com/floramoreno), but I can't guarantee I'll be using my phone much. I better go to sleep: I report for Roadie duty at 5 am!

See you in LA! 
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