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The Berlin Wall in Singapore


The other day, Jeff and I went on a blike (me on the bike, Jeff on rollerblades...yeah we made that up) to Bedok Reservoir Park. The park is pretty close to our apartment, but we had never really ventured in that direction before. On this particular weekend, Bedok Reservoir Park was very peaceful and desolate. I had an ulterior motive to wanting to check out the park: I had read a long time ago that pieces of the Berlin Wall were on display here.

The portion of the Berlin Wall on permanent display at Bedok Reservoir Park is called "Kings of Freedom," painted by graffiti artist Dennis Kaun. The Berlin Wall was brought to Singapore by Robert A. Hefner III, a wealthy American art collector. He tried finding a place to display it in the US, but finally settled on displaying it in Singapore because his wife suggested it (she's Singaporean). You can read more about the Berlin Wall in Singapore here.

I think it's really great that an important piece of history is in Singapore, but Bedok Reservoir Park is kind of an odd location for something like this. It seems out of the way and I don't know if it's getting the type of foot traffic it deserves. A cafe is opening next to the display which might change that though (it's scheduled to open this month).

If you want to check out the Berlin Wall in Singapore for yourself, head to Bedok Reservoir Park near the intersection of Bedok Reservoir Road and Bedok North 3. The enclosure looks like this:

And if you can't make it to Singapore, maybe there's a piece of the Berlin Wall closer to you. Check out this list of Berlin Wall segments all over the world. 
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