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This & That


Here are a few things that have happened lately, none of which I feel like writing an entire blog post about at the moment: 

I got a random package in the mail last week--a Sock Gram from Jeff. Too cute. I giggled when I opened the package to see a pair of Chuck Taylor-esque socks and a note for me. It makes me feel good to know that Jeff knows me well enough to send me socks instead of something like flowers (although I must say, it's nice when I get flowers, too). And it always makes my day when I get a pleasant surprise in the mail. 

My dogs have unlimited access to a large backyard with beautiful, green grass to run amuck in. And yet, they'd rather lay down on the steps or on the brick walkway leading up to the grass. When Jeff's cousin comes over with his dog Dodger, my dogs won't play with him on the grass. I guess living in apartments all these years will do that to a pup. 

We went to a Spring Release Party at Hatcher Winery in Murphys, CA a few weekends ago and are stocked up on wines for a while now. Hatcher is one of our favorite wineries and tasting rooms. This photo is not of their wine though; I took this a few months ago and never got around to using it. I really like it.

Before I left Singapore, I was asked to contribute a story to a book called Great Expatations. It's a story about the most surprising thing I took away from my time abroad: a newfound ability to tolerate spicy foods. I wrote a little about this before in a previous post. This book was also the first time I've ever had something published in a book. Go me! 

Line dancing. At the mall.


The other day I went to Funan DigitaLife Mall to pick up a new webcam. Funan is like a huge tech mall, with stores carrying all sorts of electronics, gadgets, and more. For my friends and family back in the US, imagine if Fry's Electronics broke itself up into a bunch of stores and turned into a mall. An eight story mall! I enjoy geeking out here from time to time. 

But anyway, this information is not the reason for my post. This is:

At first I thought these folks were doing a sort of flashmob. Then I realized they were way more serious about dancing than that. There was no obvious leader or instructor. Most of the people had proper dance shoes. Everyone knew different dances, and knew which ones to do for each song that came on. Notice the lady that walks into the shot at around the 30 second mark. She has the dance memorized.

I was sort of caught off guard because they were dancing to country music in the center of this enormous tech mall. But what really caught my attention was the Western attire of a few of the dancers. Down to the eagle shirts and American flag bandannas tied around their necks. 
 Check out those people with the cowboy hats. They mean business. They even have huge belt buckles and cowboy boots. Yee haw!
Okay, this guy stole the show. He was so into his line dancing, and his outfit was straight out of the Southwest. You could definitely tell this wasn't his first rodeo (yeah sorry, that was cheesy).
Kinda makes me want to participate in an actual flashmob now. 

You've got mail


I got a package in the mail last week! It was a belated birthday present/care package from my Mom. Previous birthdays would have found me asking for clothes and shoes or something sparkly and frivolous, but I got all practical this year and asked for some of the things I can't find here in Singapore. Oh geez, am I growing up? Here are a few of the things I got:
I asked for face moisturizer that had SPF and did not try to whiten or bleach my already pasty complexion. It seems as though almost every skin product sold here claims to whiten skin. That's the last thing I need help with. (I can't help but think about my graduate work on skin color and identity when I step into a drug store and see a wall of skin-bleaching face creams, but I'll save the academic discourse for another day.)
COFFEE! And by coffee I mean ground coffee beans, not "coffee mix" or instant coffee. I stopped what I was doing and immediately poured myself a cup of hazelnut coffee when I saw these in my care package. There aren't any Dunkin' Donuts in California, unfortunately. (By the way, I just did a quick Google search and discovered that there's a DD in Ion Orchard, a big mall here in Singapore. Yay!) 
Flip flops in my size! Who knew that Old Navy flip flops could bring a girl so much joy? It's hard shopping for clothes and shoes in Asia when you're almost 6' tall and wear size 10 shoes. Let's just say we have been saving a lot of money due to the fact that shopping is inconvenient for me.

Thanks for the loot, Mom! 
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